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Rainforest FoodsExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, motion design, development

«Connect humain to nature »

Rainforest Foods experience is a dreamy and intriguing journey in the powers and mysteries of a fantasied nature enhanced by smart interactions that take the viewer in its depth. The movie-life principle and the simple navigation allow users to explore the nature scenes and the benefits Rainforest Foods brings to the customers. The commitment and values of the brand are showcased in a very subtle and elegant way to allow the viewer to fully appreciate the experience.

Agency: site by Immersive Garden, music by Mooders

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Reputation SquadExperience site

Role: Art Direction, Motion Design, Development

« Monitoring is the foundation of any ambitious communications strategy. »

Concept of an organic particle DNA illustrates the smart way that Reputation Squad has to seek, find collect information into the vast mass of information offered by internet. Here the animation enhances the idea of getting to the core & meaningful information. It keeps evolving and adapting to capture the essence.

Agency: Immersive Garden, Reputation Squad

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SevenhillsExperience site

Role: Conception, Art Direction, Motion Design, Development

« We believe everyone is unique in so many ways »

Sevenhills is a superfood brand that focuses on the fact that natures continuations and variety can answer to all of of our needs. The experience is a step by step journey of Sevenhills quest to achieve the best of superfoods, while respecting the devotion of the people how contribute to this goal. This journey is enhanced by smart and surprising elements that ease the navigation while inviting the visitors to get a better understanding of Sevenhills

Agency: Immersive Garden

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ACME ExperienceExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, motion design, development

« Born 40 years ago when Dubai was only a desert, Acme is today one of the most competitive storage solutions provider worldwide. »

Our goal was to create a breathtaking experience for the Acme’s 40 years. In order to illustrate the complexity of creating smart storage solutions, we used smooth animated combinations of pictures that rebuild themselves and change on each page of the website. The Heritage part is conceived entirely in webgl to allow user to be immersed in an emotional way in Acme’s story.

Agency: site by Immersive Garden, music by Mooders

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Le dernier gauloisExperience site

Role: Conception, Art Direction, Motion Design, Development

Le Dernier Gaulois is an experience that come is parallel of an movie launched by France Television.

The exploration of le Dernier Gaulois led us to reflection on how to bring innovation in the use of comics in the digital field, while keeping the experience easy to navigate and enjoy.

The novelty there comes with the deformation of the illustrations, that thanks to the scroll, gives the impression of a dream narrated by a powerful and oneiric voice.

Agency: Immersive Garden, Red Corner

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House Of BorelExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, motion design, development

House Of Borel is a new luxury brand that wanted a digital experience to be introduce to the world.
As distinguish and precious as House Of Borel we have conceived a visually appealing and high standard setting to express the values and reveal the nature of the brand. The mysterious yet intuitive navigation leads you through the secrets while you appreciate the dreamy video. The animations and smart transitions enhance the journey as you discover the rich contents of the experience.

Agency: Immersive Garden, Blacknegative, video by Günther Gheeraert, music by Mooders

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blacknegativeExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, design, motion design

Blacknegative visual setting featuring a mysterious, dark ambience with a pure design to up to the standards of it's own productions.
Our challenge was to create create from scratch a groundbreaking website that features all the productions of Blacknegative team.

The approach was present in a smart and simple way case studies, by creating an immersive experience that strikes viewers attention and offers to be explored in many different ways, which generates massive traffic.
Blacknegative has really conquered the hearts and souls of a large audience, that shared and spread the experience.
Today set as a reference in digital field.

Awards: AWWWARDS Site of the year, Webby awards winner, FWA, Lovie awards etc.

Agency: Blacknegative, photos & films by Camille Marotte, developed by Sylvain Tran.

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One yearExperience site

Role: Conception, Art Direction, Motion Design, Development

«The story of us »

One year is a poetic and emotional experience that illustrates the joys and events that have made our year at Immersive Garden.
The tree goes through the different seasons and each month offers a new surprise.
It was also the occasion to celebrate and wish a very Happy Year 2016 in our own way.

Agency: Immersive Garden

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OnirimExperience site

Role: Conception, Art Direction, Motion Design, Development

Onirim is a high standard production company focused on creating qualitative films for luxury brands.

The challenge on this project was to offer an experience with a strong graphic identity that reflects ONIRIM’s notoriety and standards, while also being a setting able to enhance ONIRIM’s productions and authors. The feeling conveyed is a smart modern and classy website that is completely administrable by the client. The arty touch resides in the choices of composition, use of font and color.

Agency: Immersive Garden

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Withings PulseExperience site & films

Role: Conception, creative direction, co-art direction, motion design

Discoverving Pulse: show all it's fonctions it can offer and the large audience it can touch.

A unique experience allowing to explore Pulse in different contextes and environments thanks to 3 different lifestyle videos based on emotion. It is possible to switch from one to an other at any time and master the story you want to see.

Awards: AWWWARDS Site of the day, FWA etc.

Agency: Blacknegative, interactive co-art direction by Benjamin Guedj, film directed by Julien Taillez, sound by Mooders, developed by Maxime Sarri.

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Role: Interactive conception, art direction, design

Introduce 2014 edition of Chanel Society Jewell collection with a photographic & captivating narrative journey.

Scroll to live a day in the Café Society and visit Coco Chanel's appartement, through the story of a woman exploring the CHANEL jewelry collection. All the nostalgic ambiance of Cafe Society is enhance by a enchanting music and pictures.

Agency: Iconoclast interactive, photos & films by Mathieu César, developed by 60fps

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NestExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, design, motion design

"We don't last forever but the memories that we treasure do"
Nest is a contributive art project, where objects are donated by Northern Ireland people, each labeled with a personal, story or memory.We had to create a digital experience to archive and enhance Nests physical exhibition.

A poetic and ground-breaking experience has the vocation to give a sense of infinity and express the emotion to know that behind each object, there is a person, a story and that this object is an everlasting witness of this soul.
The fluid and entertainng navigation, as well as the powerful sound design contribute to leading you to "reveal the hidden souls".

Awards: FWA

Agency: Blacknegative, developed by Maxime Montegnies

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Immersive GardenSite & motion design

Role: Conception, art direction, design, motion design, development

Create an experience and a mood that will touch peoples heart.
The aim was to think of an emotional experience that will touch viewers emotionaly by creating a from scratch a magic and poetical world.

Awards: FWA, Lovie awards gold, 2 Webby awards nominations.

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NKIExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, design, motion design

NKI is a multi-awarded digital studio that wanted a smart way to showcase there work.

We based the concept on creating a setting that put the accent on an innovative navigation.
Thanks to the mosaic / gallery display, with a zoom system, you can focus on the different projects.

A smart and entertaining experience allows to appreciate the quantity and the quality of NKI's work.The simplicity of it added to the very visual look with the full screen pictures, sets it as a reference.

Awards: AWWWARDS site of the day, FWA.

Agency: Immersive garden, developed by 60fps

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Withings ActivitéOne page site + films

Role: Creative direction, film co-direction

OShowcase in a simple and appealing way the new connected product from Whithings: Activité.
An interactive scroll platform allows to discover the fonctions and the design of Activité, thanks to subtle animations and full screen images.

Agency: Blacknegative, interactive art direction by Gilles Tossoukpé, film co-direction by Julien Taillez, photos by Jean-Philippe Lebée, sound by Mooders, developed by Maxime Sarri & Damien Cornu

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Jakob de BoerExperience site

Role: Conception, Art direction, design, Motion design

"Photographer portfolios are in general all alike and don't always enhance pictures".
It's why we tried to make it very special and remembered.

Jakob de Boer's website is a poetic experience, allowing to view outstanding full screen photographs. The navigation is smooth and subtil, it invites to discover the hidden part of a picture: The shadow hunter's way.

Awards: AWWWARDS site of the day, FWA etc.

Agency: Immersive garden, developed by JC Suzanne

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Chanel ObsessionApplication

Role: Conception, design

Obsession magazine stars Chanel in an app. Our vision & the result. This app allows viewers to play the film to there liking: one way or an other to explore there fantasy and obsession for Chanel.
« Le luxe c'est que l'envers soit aussi beau que l'endroit. »

Awards: AWWWARDS site of the day, FWA etc.

Agency: BETC, film by Wanda, Developed by Edan Kim Kwan


The Bullitt AgencyFilm + corporate site

Role: Conception, film direction, art direction, design, motion design

Bullittagency is a boutique agency for top international DJ and Producers. This site was a good way to show in a interactive way the impressive network of Bullittagency.

We completely built a universe from scratch with the biggest cities of the world. This DJ booking platform merges the user in an innovative way of navigating thanks to very smart and fluid interactions. The site has it's own booking system and allows to locate live DJs thanks to 4square all over the world.

Awards: AWWWARDS site of the month, FWA etc.

Agency: Immersive garden, developed by Sylvain Tran

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DubfireExperience site

Role: Conception, art direction, design, motion design

Dubfire is a minimal DJ that wanted his personal website to "look like his music ".
We loved the challenge!

This entertaining experience offers to discover all about Dubfire.
Just like his music, the design is minimal, but very smart. Each page has it's own navigation the smart and smooth animation match perfectly the groundbreaking, futuristic, unique and organic style of Dubfire.

Awards: FWA, Adobe cutting edge, Webby nomination

Agency: Immersive garden, developed by Sylvain Tran

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Nissan PatrolFilms + experience site

Role: Conception, film direction, art direction, design, motion design

Event website to promote the new version of Legendary Nissan Patrol that is as confortable to drive in the city as it is in the countryside.

The idea was to illustrate in a very cinematographic and entertaining way: "the return of the hero", thanks to an interactive video that makes you switch from the countryside to the city. Up to you to choose your style.

Awards: FWA site of the day.


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We are a digital
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Immersive garden was founded by award winning Art director Dilshan Arukatti. Immersive garden is a creative team that has been passionately experiencing for over a decade new ways to bring to the world meaningful digital experiences that will touch people deep in their emotion and last in time.
We constantly challenge our selves to achieve this. This quest has led us to be a multi-awarded team that never forgets where they come from and always listen and adapts.

Aesthetics, ergonomics, design should all be use to serve a purpose. We believe that every detail matters and that everything you see and don't see should have a meaning.

Our expertise allows us to support you in your project from the brief to the launch.
The team is cross-disciplinary: design, development, film direction, photography, motion design...
These artistic and technologic skills added to our knowledge of strategy and our communication culture are the key to ground breaking and successful productions.

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